"I have many plans for The Maryland Barn. Work shops, store fronts, BBQ pit, gym hahaha! People always message me their ideas as well and I'm always down to hear new ideas from clients. It shows that they're engaged with what I'm doing and I think they love to be part of the underdog success story which is totally rad." ~ Chris Brown

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Owner / Builder

I've been working in the trade industry for many years. Started off in Electrical systems, then Carpentry, Plumbing, Appliances, Framing, Home Remodeling. I decided to stop working to make other people's dreams come true and started focusing on my own dreams. Worked on the side at The Vintage Barn, fixing and building furniture. Year later, established The Maryland Barn. Year after that, established The Virginia Barn. Working on establishing The DC Barn

I love this business for many reasons. Working with old wood, the smell in the air, getting dirty taking down barns and constantly covering myself in Man Glitter. Dream come true lol. I hate wearing suit and ties and sitting at a desk all day long. Although a little desk work is needed, most of my time is spent working on projects and on the road meeting new clients.